New Online Class January 2021

Starting the week of January 5th, 2021

Tuesday 6:15 pm - Beginner Mat class

This online live group class is a 30 minutes Pilates matwork course. All you need is a yoga or Pilates mat and a small cushion.

10 weeks $120 + HST

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Wednesday 11 am
- Intermediate Pilates Prop class

Online live group class, 30 minutes session using different props such as weights, band, mini flex ball, and stability ball workouts

10 weeks $140 + HST

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Thursday 7:15 pm
- Intermediate Pilates Prop and Stretch class

Online live group class, 30 minutes session using different props. Also a great band stretch afterward. 10 weeks $140 + hst

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Please email to find out more information or to register please call the studio at 905-450-9925 and ask for Kimberley.

Core Strong!
 AMA Pilates

Located in AMA Building Downtown Brampton - 41 Main St. N Brampton, ON L6X 1M8 

(Rear entrance off Diplock Lane)

12 Benefits of Pilates  
(BesidesStrong Abs!)

1. PilatesImproves Bone Density

2. Pilates BurnsCalories

3. Pilates EasesBack Pain

4. PilatesStrengthens Your Core

5. Pilates can help Prevent Injury

6. You'llIncrease Your Flexibility

7. Pilates Is a great Cross-Training Workout

8. PilatesImproves Posture

9. It BuildsCardiovascular Endurance

10. PilatesReduces Stress

11. Pilates CanHelp You Fall Asleep

12. It Makes you feel Good

Livestrong Article: By KieraCarter Updated August 20, 2019 

Reviewed by Claire Hsing, PT, DPT, CSCS

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