The Brampton AMA Pilates Studio offers Pilates as a unique and effective method of strength training. With an emphasis placed on breath, alignment, control and form.  This technique was developed by Joseph Pilates in the early 1920s.  Pilates uses a combination of mat work and specialized equipment.

 STOTT PILATESTM, a contemporary approach to the mind-body method, incorporates the most current knowledge of body mechanics and the flexibility of adapting exercises for a large spectrum of fitness needs.

We recommend that you call the studio to book an Introductory Session with an Instructor.  Contact Head Pilates Instructor Kimberley Sue at the Brampton AMA Pilates studio. This session will allow us to focus on you and to help you maximize the benefits of subsequent classes.  From there you will work with the Instructor to decide on a program that best suits your needs.

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Pilates is suitable for anyone who desires optimum health and fitness. 
Pilates at
AMA has worked with clients as young as 10 and with those in their 70’s and up!  It is beneficial for anyone interested in the development of strong abdominal muscles, a healthy back, toned muscles, increased flexibility and improved posture. 


We offer a
Brampton AMA Pilates Location as well as online training classes.

We are committed to helping you achieve your personal fitness goals in a professional and supportive environment.  Pilates taught at
The Academy of Martial Arts (AMA) specializes in a contemporary approach to the mind body method pioneered by Joseph Pilates.  Our instructors are highly qualified to help you reach your health and wellness objectives.

To assist you in meeting your fitness goals, we offer a variety of exercise options:

- One-on-One training with an instructor
- Semi-private (2persons with an instructor)
- Closely supervised group classes (our low teacher/student ratio, maximum 1:8, ensures that you receive the best possible instruction.)

The current schedule outlines the various classes that we offer throughout the week.  Private and semi-private sessions can be booked any time during studio hours.  Our bright, spacious workout area is fully equipped for both mat and small equipments work.  Small equipment, such as the fitness circle, theraband, foam roller and the bosu ball are often incorporated into our group classes. 

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AMA Pilates
41 Main Street North, Brampton, Ontario